Important Factors When Choosing A Red Light Therapy Device

Red light therapy is a treatment that proposes numerous health benefits from low-level laser therapy. Red light therapy is gaining popularity due to its effective results and safe, painless, and natural approach. There are many offerings of the right red light therapy device for you, meaning that you’ll be able to bring your treatment to the comfort of your home! At Rojo Light Therapy, we provide the equipment that will offer effective, low-investment results. This blog offers guidance on choosing the right equipment, and the factors or questions to consider before you make your purchase.

Red Light Therapy And Devices Used

As the market for red light therapy has expanded, an increase in the presence of its devices exist for its burgeoning user base - it’s become increasingly difficult to choose the right red light therapy device, because of this. 

At their core, the products used for treatment are equipped with LED light bulbs designed to radiate only specific bands of wavelengths. These LEDs emit primarily red and near-infrared wavelengths, with measurements typically in nanometers (nm). The emitted wavelengths for visible red light range from 620 to 660nm, while near-infrared light falls within the range of 810 to 850nm.

The Outcome And Goals

One of the most important things to consider is the goal and outcome you want from the practice. Ask yourself: what condition would you like to treat, or what would you want to improve? Ensure thorough research to find the device that will achieve this, as different devices treat different conditions - for targeted treatment, our ROJO 300 model is the most suitable, with adjustments and features capable of targeting the desired area.

Assessing Your Lifestyle

Consider your lifestyle choices when buying a device. Do you travel frequently? Finding devices that are convenient to take when traveling would best suit your needs. Do you have a lot of time to utilise this treatment? If so, choose devices that require less dedicated time for treatment. Depending on the benefits you’re seeking to adopt to your day-to-day routine, you may like to integrate lifestyle changes to include a red light product. Just as health-conscious and nutrition focused individuals might avoid ultra-processed foods as a core tenet of their lifestyle, choosing to invest in red light treatment can place as a key part of the way you treat your body.

Area of Treatment

Usually, red light devices use a combination of both red light and near-infrared light for optimal performance. Red light has a shorter wavelength compared to near-infrared light, and transports higher levels of energy despite its lower rate of penetration. The most suitable pathway for you depends on your goal. For example, you will require a device that emits light in the suitable wavelengths and the appropriate intensity if you aim to enhance the healing process after an injury, treat an inflammatory condition, or facilitate the regrowth of cartilage tissue. Consider what you’re attempting to achieve with your red light device (i.e., what part of the body you want to treat), the device must use a suitable irradiance. Here is a guide to picking the right ROJO for you:

  • The ROJO 900 - targets half-body.
  • The ROJO 1500 - targets full-body.
  • The ROJO 3000 - targets the whole body.


Each wavelength carries a different amount of energy. Past studies suggest that light wavelengths ranging from 660-670 nm and 830-850 nm are in the range with the greatest effect on the cellular respiration process while delivering the maximum amount of light absorption. Units that offer these degrees of optimal wavelengths will deliver high value to your skin health. Meanwhile, joint and deep tissue repair looks for 620 – 650 nm. This shows the importance of picking the correct device to emit the appropriate wavelengths for your health benefit goals.

Warranty and Repairs

Any red light therapy device should have both a warranty and a repair policy. The policy helps you to be prepared for circumstances where your device ever requires to be serviced after the warranty expiration. ROJO Light Therapy devices come with a three-year warranty on the complete unit. ROJO is ready for the rare instances of issues occurring with your device. Furthermore, we can make necessary repairs or offer a replacement for the entire unit.

Purchasing Your Red Light Therapy Device

A significant factor to consider is purchasing from a reputable brand. ROJO Light Therapy is committed to supplying red light devices with optimal quality. Purchasing red light therapy panels can be a difficult decision and we are open to offering more information. Contact ROJO Light Therapy for any additional inquiries and questions. 

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Disclaimer: All ROJO light therapy products are considered low risk and designed for general health and wellbeing, they are not intended to cure or prevent specific medical conditions, diseases, or prescribe any course of action. The content on this website is for informational or educational purposes only and does not substitute for professional medical advice or consultations with healthcare professionals. Before using our products, a health professional should be consulted, we are not medical professionals, so please contact your GP or health practitioner for medical advice.
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